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AfterShokz Xtrainerz Review 2021

Two-minute review

Aftershokz is no stranger to the bone-conduction headphones field with a range of wireless headphones that are ideally suited if you hate the idea of placing earbuds in your ears while still desiring the freedom that over-ear headphones just don’t provide.

In the case of the Aftershokz Xtrainerz, these are MP3 headphones rather than wireless, which means no Bluetooth connectivity and a fairly simple layout. That’s both good and bad depending on what you need from them. If you’re a swimmer, add an extra point to our rating and you’ll be delighted. Everyone else though may need to reconsider.

They’re a little expensive for what they offer because, well, there’s no Bluetooth and you can’t use them to take calls either. These are solely designed with the audio experience in mind and, primarily, aimed at swimmers because they make most sense when you’re underwater. Audio quality is pretty good for what they offer although – again – these aren’t headphones for relaxing at home with. The Aftershokz Xtrainerz are decidedly for the active user.

(Image credit: Jennifer Allen)

At $149.95 / £139.95 / $219.95AU, they’re yet to drop in price since their launch in 2019 because there’s not really a need for them to do so. Swimmers will greatly appreciate the Aftershokz Xtrainerz while everyone else will probably go elsewhere. It’s triathletes that are probably most confused about what to do next, but we reckon these will be worth it thanks to their immensely lightweight design.