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Eufy Smart Scale C1 Review 2021

One minute review

We’ve tested many smart scales in recent weeks, and the Eufy Smart Scale C1 is easily one of the best. Not only does it measure a wide range of health metrics, it does so with the absolute minimum of fuss so tracking your health takes only a couple of seconds every morning.

Results were consistent, and body composition scores were in line with what we’d expect based on our measurements from commercial scales.

We found the Bluetooth connectivity reliable, and results synced with the app almost instantly when the phone was within range (the scale can store up to 100 readings if you don’t have your phone to hand).

(Image credit: Future)

The user experience is what really sets the Eufy Smart Scale C1 apart from the competition. Once the initial setup is complete, it’s no more effort to use than a standard electric bathroom scale, which is an impressive feat.