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Free Download Mattermost 4.6.0 Download | TechSpot

Many of the world’s leading privacy-conscious enterprises work better with Mattermost by connecting people, tools, and automation to increase collaboration.

Collaborate securely and privately, enterprise-wide

  • Flexible deployment model: Self-hosted or SaaS
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy for full control of data
  • Works seamlessly with enterprise security, identity, and compliance systems

Mattermost enables DevOps workflows

DevOps teams use Mattermost to power collaboration at every stage of the DevOps lifecycle. Mattermost unifies people, tools, processes, and automation to help your team increase innovation and agility.

The open source advantage

Mattermost is the leading open source collaboration platform with a thriving community. It’s written in Golang and React and runs as a single Linux binary with MySQL or PostgreSQL. Use the features you like, for example, file sharing, real-time group chat, and webhooks, with full access to source code.

What’s New:

Mattermost v5.32.0 contains low level security fixes. Upgrading is recommended. Details will be posted on our security updates page 30 days after release as per the Mattermost Responsible Disclosure Policy.


  • TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 have been deprecated by browser vendors. Starting in Mattermost Server v5.32 (February 16), mmctl returns an error when connected to Mattermost servers deployed with these TLS versions and System Admins will need to explicitly add a flag in their commands to continue to use them. We recommend upgrading to TLS version 1.2 or higher.
  • PostgreSQL ended long-term support for version 9.4 in February 2020. From v5.26 Mattermost officially supports PostgreSQL version 10 as PostgreSQL 9.4 is no longer supported. New installs will require PostgreSQL 10+. Previous Mattermost versions will continue to be compatible with PostgreSQL 9.4. PostgreSQL 9.4 and all 9.x versions are now fully deprecated in our v5.30 release (December 16, 2020). Please follow the instructions under the Upgrading Section within the PostgreSQL documentation. Mattermost will now fail to start if the Postgres version is below that.

Breaking Changes

  • ExperimentalChannelOrganization, EnableXToLeaveChannelsFromLHS, CloseUnusedDirectMessages, and ExperimentalHideTownSquareinLHS settings are only functional if the Legacy Sidebar (EnableLegacySidebar) is enabled since they are not compatible with the new sidebar experience. ExperimentalChannelSidebarOrganization has been deprecated, since the new sidebar is now enabled for all users.
  • Breaking changes to the Golang client API were introduced: GetPostThread, GetPostsForChannel, GetPostsSince, GetPostsAfter, GetPostsBefore, and GetPostsAroundLastUnread now require an additional collapsedThreads parameter to be passed. Any client making use of these functions will need to update them when upgrading its dependencies.
  • A breaking change was introduced when upgrading the Go version to v1.15.5 where user logins fail with AD/LDAP Sync when the certificate of the LDAP Server has no Subject Alternative Name (SAN) in it. Creating a new certificate on the AD/LDAP Server with the SAN inside fixes this.