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Free Download Smultron for Mac 12.2.5 Download

With Smultron for Mac OS X you can quickly and easily write and edit text. It is designed with an elegant user interface to be easy and intuitive to get started with but it is also has more powerful features when you need them.

You can quickly edit a web page, to-do list, script, novel or any kind of text and you have all your open documents easily accessible.

You can store your documents in iCloud and access them on all your Macs and iPhones and iPads with Smultron for iOS.

For more advanced uses Smultron 5 is a fully featured text editor with syntax coloring for over 90 languages, regular expressions, commands, snippets, line numbers and many, many more features.

What’s New:

  • Added preference to convert line endings when saving
  • Added expert options with the defaults command to always show documents window on top and show position in the status bar
  • Fixed a crash when using advanced find
  • Text folding
  • Much better accessibility support
  • Much better international support and translated to Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Spanish and Japanese
  • Updated for OS X Mountain Lion with e.g. sharing, save as, text zoom
  • Full support for Retina Macs
  • Split window to see two different parts of a document
  • Snippets and commands in iCloud
  • A better and more flexible way to see the open documents
  • Sandboxed for your security
  • Many other smaller improvements to make it easier, faster and more powerful to use