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LG Tone Free FN7 Review 2021

LG will be hoping that the Tone Free FN7 continues a successful transition into the true wireless market. It follows on from last year’s Tone Free FN6, notable for a charging case that could clean the earbuds with an integrated UV light — the FN7 model lacks this feature, but with additions like active noise cancellation (ANC) is intended as an upgrade.

LG Tone Free FN7 specs

Colors: Black

Battery life (rated): 5 hours with ANC on (10 hours with charging case), 7 hours with ANC off (14 hours with charging case)

Size: 0.64 x 1.29 x 1.05 inches (per bud); 2.15 x 2.15 x 1.08 inches (charging case)

Weight: 0.2 ounces (per bud); 1.38 ounces (charging case)

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

Processor: Not stated

After several days of testing, I can confirm that this pair of earbuds represents a step forwards for the series, though there are some performance issues that keep it out of the best wireless earbuds conversation. Also, the exclusion of LG’s signature UVnano cleaning technology to clean the buds while charging is a major letdown. That isn’t to say it’s not worth a look, because as this LG Tone Free FN7 review will show, there’s plenty of functionality available to enjoy some solid audio performance.

LG Tone Free FN7 review: Price and availability