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McAfee Antivirus solutions Review 2021

Please note

This is our all-in-one roundup reviewing every McAfee consumer security solution for 2021. On this page, after our brief intro, you’ll find

(a) a full evaluation of the entry-level McAfee Total Protection, along with our reviews of the additional features incorporated with the rest of the range:

(b) McAfee Total Protection Multi-Device / Individuals, and

(c) the top-end package McAfee Total Protection Family

You can jump to the reviews of those individual products by clicking on the links in the bar at the top of this page, but bear in mind that this article is really designed to be read all the way through, as the features of McAfee Total Protection are also present in the higher-level security suites, of course.

Most security vendors offer a wide range of products: a basic antivirus, a simple security suite, a more comprehensive security suite, and an ‘ultimate premium’ security suite with bundled extras and other bits and pieces thrown in to catch your attention.

McAfee’s consumer range is much simpler, and mostly built around one product: McAfee Total Protection It’s available in three flavors.