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PayPal Commerce Platform | TechRadar

PayPal Commerce Platform is a product that has evolved from PayPal for Business. The idea is that business owners can have access to a one-stop facility that allows them to use the convenience of PayPal’s merchant services to process payments. 

Added to that, the PayPal Business Platform comes with other features aimed at smoothing everyday workflow for businesses, with options for creating and processing invoices, transferring funds, processing payments and so on. PayPal has also launched its Zettle point-of-sale (POS) system in the US in a move designed to offer small businesses a more complete, full-service sales setup.

Naturally, for a company the size of PayPal, which offers all sorts of products and services all over the world, there’s a whole spectrum of options available and they are suited to many different types and sizes of business. The only real challenge is deciding if it’s going to properly fit the needs of your own venture.

The PayPal Commerce Platform offers numerous services for business (Image credit: PayPal)