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Samsung HW-Q70R Soundbar Review 2021

Samsung’s California-based audio lab has been on a roll, and the Samsung HW-Q70R soundbar is no exception. In the last few years, the lab has helped the company put together the award-winning Samsung HW-M650, last year’s powerful, Dolby Atmos-ready Samsung HW-N850, and now, the Samsung HW-Q70R, a soundbar designed to keep up with the Korean giant’s 2019 QLED TVs.

If you’ve followed Samsung’s naming structure in the past, the Samsung HW-Q70R  represents a revised version of last year’s HW-N650 and although the new model costs more at $800 / £800 / AU$1,099, the good news is that the Q70R adds support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and still uses Acoustic Beaming technology that widens the soundstage.