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Wattbike Atom Next Generation Review 2021

Wattbike Atom Next Generation: Specs

Height: 150 cm (with fully extended tablet holder)
Width: 50 cm inches
Length: 100 cm
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Frame: Aluminium
Resistance type: Electromagnet
Gears: 22 virtual
Power requirements: 12V 7A DC power supply
Handlebar diameter: 26 mm, 1.02″
Gradient range: 0-25%
Max rider weight: 135 kg (297 lbs)
Power required: Yes
Wheels: 2 (front)
Connectivity: ANT+ FEC/ANT/Bluetooth Smart Control

Before the rollercoaster of a year we experienced in 2020, home exercise bikes seemed like a luxury. In 2021, they’re basically a necessity if you want to stay fit within the comfort of your own home.  

Even compared to the expensive Peloton, the Wattbike Atom Next Generation is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Still, the Wattbike is a great exercise bike for beginners and advanced riders alike. There’s a good reason why it’s considered one of the best exercise bikes on the market.