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Windows 10: the best Windows OS Review 2021

Windows 10 is one of the most versatile OS Microsoft has ever made. It’s truly an operating system like no other, offering free yet very tangible updates semi-annually – instead of rolling out a completely overhauled OS every few years – and allowing it to consistently bring in new features and support. This brilliant approach has worked out so well that Windows 10 has quickly become Microsoft’s most popular OS.

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Adding to its versatility, Windows 10 also comes with several different versions meant for different types of hardware and specific users. And, it’s still expanding. Already existing versions like Windows 10 Pro, which offers enterprise-grade security and tools, and the more locked down and lightweight Windows 10 in S Mode will soon be joined by Windows 10X and possibly the rumored Windows 10 Lite. Both are said to directly compete with the ChromeOS, allowing Microsoft to have solid contenders against the best Chromebooks.